Top Chef 11 New Orleans: Ep. 10 - Like Mama Made

The chefs create home-inspired comfort food dishes. Actor Anthony Mackie joins the judges' panel.

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[MUSIC] Whoa. [MUSIC] 51 minutes guys. Thank you. Unfortunately at Dougie Trays they don't have a charcoal grill, or even an open grill. So, plan B is a grill skillet. But I really I really believe in my marinade so I've got my fingers crossed. How we doing, [UNKNOWN]? Good. The biggest pressure I put on myself is making sure I make the perfect biscuit. My [UNKNOWN] biscuits turned out great yesterday but today I get one shot. I can't remake them. I'm so impatient, too. This is killing me. How much time is left?>> 35 [KITCHEN NOISES]>>[SQUEAL]>> Hey Shirley! I'm just going to need two burners.>> I can do that! Because I have the immunity i'm gonna take the risk. And cook something really traditional. Probably not going to be understand by everybody. Right behind you, coming through. But, this dish is a piece of home for me. Now that we're down to only nine people, not only do you have to execute but you have to perform. Which is not what i'm doing. For this challenge I'm doing something really really really really really humble. But I don't have another gameplan. How many minutes? Fourteen minutes. Time to get ready for plating. [MUSIC] Yeah this oven's working. The biscuits visually look great but when you open them up. They're not. Might have put too much butter in my biscuit. [MUSIC] [BLEEP] The inside kind of looks as if it was raw. I have to figure out how to fix it. [NOISE] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Top Chef 11 New Orleans: Ep. 10 - Like Mama Made