Tom Colicchio: How to Tie a Lamb Shoulder

Tom Colicchio demonstrates how season and tie a lamb shoulder at the 2013 Food & Classic in Aspen.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Tom Colicchio and today we're gonna learn how to shoulder of lamb. Now it's really important when we cook, especially large pieces of meat to tie them. For two reasons. One, it'll keep it shaped better and number two, it actually cook more evenly. If you were to take this shoulder and just kinda. Roll it over like this and try to braze it. Because you have all this exposed area. It wouldn't cook really evenly. So we start by boning out the shoulder. Now this is already boned out. You can have your butcher, wherever you buying your meat, bone it out. Also i'm not that worried about the amount of fat that's left on the outside because we're gonna cook this for several hours. And so most of that will melt away. So we kinda open up and exposed our lamb. And we wanna season it. We wanna season it from the outside, the inside out. So a little salt, a little pepper. [NOISE] And then at this At this point, you can add any kind of flavor in here. So today we have garlic and rosemary and some thyme and lemon. If wanted to make this more of an Asian dish, you can add ginger and garlic and scallions to the center of this and then tie it up. If you want to rub chilli paste in here to make it spicy, great time would be now as well. So we have Some garlic, we're just going to thinly slice the garlic. [INAUDIBLE] And we have some rosemary and some thyme. I'm just going to strip the leaves off the stalk. I'm going to grate some lemon. To put a little box do a little grater here. Let's kind of grate some zest in there. So, to tie this you can either do the old fashion way of anchoring the rope, and then kinda looping it over as you go. But I actually prefer to do individual ties. I think you have more control over it. What I like to do is take my twine here, put it in the [UNKNOWN] and put this on the floor. [BLANK_AUDIO] On my right side but then drape it over to my left shoulder. And I do this now so that I'll have a constant supply of string coming, it stays out of my way and I can tie the roast. So, what I do when I tie this is tie a series of hitch knots, double hitch, so I hold this one. Just goes over and under. And over and under. Then you just pull it, snug it. And easy thing about this is it's a slip knot. So, you can just slide it. And then we'll just keep making a series of ties. And you want them about an inch apart. And that's pretty much it. If you want to, you can also run one lengthwise. I usually don't do this but you can also add one lengthwise. Same thing, up and under. [BLANK_AUDIO] Just pull that snug. That's it, we have our shoulder of lamb ready to actually braze our roast. There we go. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Tom Colicchio: How to Tie a Lamb Shoulder