Tips From Wine Experts

Wine experts including Ch’ng Poh Tiong, Andrew Caillard, Anthony Rose, and Joe Ward offer advice on assessing and writing about wine.

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[MUSIC] Always look at a glass of wine as a new discovery, even if it's something you're familiar with. Generally you look at the wine critic genre around the world. It's a broad church of people with all sorts of different interests and different experiences. I think you need a critical mind. And tough skin, and a bit of luck. I think the greatest challenge though for a wine critic is to recognize that there are different styles, different characters, and different facets that may or may not appeal to them that may to the masses. One of the things about wine is that in changes in the glass and it can change quite dramatically in the glass from when it's poured to when you actually taste it and then if you leave it in the glass for another 15 minutes, it changes again. To taste wine too quickly is the enemy of fine wine. The single biggest piece of advice you can give somebody when tasting a wine is. Concentrate on the smelling of it. The nose. If you manage to get people to smell that wine longer and better, you can increase their ability to taste In a matter of seconds. Technical wine critics tend to look at a wine and think what is wrong with this. Where as I've always liked to look at wine in terms of what is right with the wine. You have to be passionate obviously to be a wine writer, but at the same time you mustn't be evangelical. [UNKNOWN] I don't think there is anything about it, that is a secret or a trick. If your willing to do all that, what you have to do is find somebody to hire you to write about wine. [MUSIC]
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Tips From Wine Experts