Tim Love's Universal Spice Rub

Watch F&W's Justin Chapple demonstrate how to use chef Tim Love's universal spice rub.

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I'm Justin Chapel from Food and Wines test kitchen and I'm at the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen hitting up my favorite chefs for their mad genius tips. That is mad genius. Tim Love, buddy, you are a grilling master! Now, if I wanna have a bunch of people over for a barbecue, I want them all to eat delicious food, what do I gotta do? You've gotta make one thing, and one thing for sure, that's my bad **** rub. And that consists of guajillo chili powder, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, salt, cracked pepper, and Mexican oregano. And you can use it on anything. Rims of a margarita, on your steaks, and even better in a salad dressing. That is awesome, I can't wait to get back to the test kitchen and check it out. Giddyup. [MUSIC] Tim Love says I can put his badass barbecue rub on anything. He even says I can rim a margarita glass. [MUSIC] Bottom's up. [MUSIC] I've got to hand it to him. It's pretty good. The tanginess on margarita pairs so well with the spiciness of the rub That's a good drink. And now I want to try it on a pig in a blanket. So I've rolled out the dough, sprinkled on some of the rub on there, rolled it up and baked it. We're going to try this little guy. [MUSIC] That is Bursting with flavor. I have to say, I kind of expected that that was going to be delicious. So, I've sprinkled it on some melted chocolate and then cooled it. Here we go. That is so delicious. It's a little bit salty, it's spicy, it's got a little bit of herbal notes to it. I'm a fan of that chocolate bar. And now the ultimate test, because it's my favorite food in the whole world, vanilla ice cream. I'm gonna sprinkle a little bit of the rub on top and see what happens. A nice hefty sprinkle. Now, A moment of truth. [MUSIC] I think this is the best one. I mean, I'm a fan of ice-cream, but this is the best one. It's blowing my mind it's so delicious. I mean, I love vanilla ice-cream, but now it's spicy, and it's smoky. And I think this might be my new favorite dessert. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Tim Love's Universal Spice Rub