Tim Love: The Ultimate Hangover Cure

The Texas chef and tequila lover shares his 5-step hangover eliminator.

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[MUSIC] The best hangover cure is obviously waking up next to my wife. That's a good hangover cure. If there's something you have to purchase at a store, I like to go with a five beverage set. Canned Coke over ice. Get a little caffeine going so you can actually make out what the other beverages are. Then I like to move onto the champagne. Then I go into the orange juice. Then the Gatorade. To make myself feel like I'm actually taking care of myself. And then I finish with a Margarita, because I like Tequila. And that gets my day started. Then we can continue on and drink a lot more Tequila throughout the day. Cuz is you finish with the champagne. That means you got to drink champagne. I can't do that all day. But I can drink tequila all day. I like to eat food about two hours after I'm hung over. So I like to gather all my beverages first. And then usually I'll go straight for like a BLT or something. It works every time. Or at least it's a good conversation piece. [MUSIC]
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Tim Love: The Ultimate Hangover Cure