Tim Love: Rub, Marinade or Season: What's the Best for Steak?

Chef Tim Love demonstrates different ways to give grilled steak amazing flavor.

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[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] So, y'all wanna make some steaks? So you, blue visor guy. [SOUND] Get up here. [UNKNOWN] Yeah, you get the shot. Not yet. [LAUGH] Here's the deal. You don't get the shot until you make the rub right. All right. Here we go. Chili powder. We got some granulated garlic. Right here, we got some ahi chili. Ahi chili or Peruvian chili, really hot. Smoked paprika, salt, cracked black pepper, and a little bit of onion. Here you go. All of it? Yep, and then take that spoon right there and stir it up. All right, now I want you to pour some of that on this plate. Pour some of that on that plate. All right, here we go. That a boy, now look at this. Now we're set, now what we're gonna do here is i'm gonna do a little salt and pepper on this one okay guys? I'm gonna put a little oil in the pan. I'm gonna put these steaks on, now we take some basil. And then grill up the basil, right? The after marinade. [CHEERING] So, check it out. And then we're going to slice this up. So, they call this olive oil. Do not put it on the steak until it's finished. And then we take these herbs and we put it in that olive oil. [APPLAUSE] Ladies and gentlemen. [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Tim Love: Rub, Marinade or Season: What's the Best for Steak?