Tim Love: The Art of Grilling

For such a simple method of cooking, grilling adds complexity to dishes.

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[MUSIC] Grilling is such a simple thing right? You have hot fire, hot cast-iron grates, and you put meat or vegetables on it. For such a simple thing The subtleties are what makes everything taste good. I always talk about the art of burning things the right way. So you want to learn how to burn it the right way. You want to burn the salt, you wanna burn the pepper. But what you don't wanna do is smoke it out. If youre taking, for instance, carrots, you split it in half, you put it with a little oil and salt and pepper And then you're gonna grill it as hot as you can, and then your gonna move it onto the other side just like you would a steak. And then what happens to the carrot is the sugar starts coming out of it, and that's why it chars and gets black. So if you're gonna have char, which is a burnt flavor, then you need to have something sweet. So really great carrot that would be grilled is just salt and pepper, char it, and then finish it with some sort of light honey or Even if you get some cherries and cook them down. And all the sudden it has, it takes on a bacon component because you've got this char and sweetness. So it makes you think in your mind that it's fatty. And it's really delicious. [MUSIC]
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Tim Love: The Art of Grilling