Throw an Epic Game of Thrones Finale Feast

The GOT-obsessed food nerds at ChefSteps demonstrate how to cook an epic feast for Sunday's finale.

At ChefSteps, we nerd out a lot. Our staff features all kinds of nerds—tech nerds, math nerds, word nerds, and yes, food nerds. So many food nerds! And we’ve got our fair share of Game of Thrones nerds too. Now, we’re not all claiming Mallory Rubin–level knowledge. (Psst: If you know Mallory Rubin by name, you might be a Game of Thrones nerd too). But hey, we know a thing or two. We know, for instance, that the season finale will be an epic occasion—an epic occasion that deserves an even more epic feast.

And so here is the formula for said feast. The centerpiece dish: a whole suckling pig. We cook that fellow sous vide for five hours to ensure perfectly tender meat and give us time to make a bunch of sides—or catch up on all those After the Thrones episodes. When Khal Pigo is all cooked, we transfer him to a spit and finish him in front of a blazing-hot fire to get the skin all crisp and browned. Our side dishes possess similar medieval flair: think beets seasoned with galangal and grains of paradise, a hearty bread made of rye berries, and whole squabs crisped to perfection.

While this feast is decidedly over the top, it’s remarkably straightforward to pull off. Each dish was conceived with expedience in mind, so you can make a bunch of things at once but never worry that you’ll wind up in the weeds executing some fussy technique. You’ve got a television show to watch, after all. And it may well be the best television show ever.

Want the recipes? Head to ChefSteps!

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[MUSIC] Welcome to my house. Today we are cooking Game of Throne feasts. Everyone who shows up loves Game of Thrones. I've never seen the show but as far as I can tell, a lot of roasted meats, love nudity. At ChefSteps we focus on one of those things. Today, everyone at ChefSteps who loves the show Game of Thrones. Coming over to my house, and I'm gonna cook them up a medieval feast. The star is a pig. We are going to cook a whole pig, and roast inside. [MUSIC] So I dont' know much about the show, but I do know about roasting meats. I've got my suckling pig. He's about 18 pounds. You can order one in any decent butcher shop. I'm gonna cook him [UNKNOWN], and then we're gonna finish him on a spit in my basement. So here's how this is gonna go down. Everyone's seen apples in pigs' mouth. Katie, who is the big Game of Thrones fan of Chef Steps So it'll be about six or seven times. Pig's gotta have an apple in his mouth, so it's fun. We're gonna put him in a big Glad garbage bag with brine. The point of the brine is to carry the spices and the salt around the pig because it's a shorter cooking time. So we're gonna bag the pig up. I'm doing two because I don't like when bags break. This part's a little awkward. Bye buddy. [MUSIC] I've got my cooler with Joule set up outside on the patio cuz we're eating outside. It's summertime, it's lovely out. So lets get this guy cooking. [MUSIC] We have squab that we are going to roast. Whole roasted apples, braised beets, we've got roast squash old school, kind of ancient rye bread, blood sauce. You've got these really amazing lemon cakes. So all the recipes on our Medieval menu are gonna be on We're gonna focus mostly on the pig. The pig's cooked. All we have to do is finish it on the spit. There's no pretty way to do it. If you're watching this program with children, you might wanna tell them to look away. [MUSIC] Get somebodies the help. Let's just think positive Okay. All right? Okay that's good enough. Take it to the dungeon. [MUSIC] So we're just finishing the pig. Because we cooked it sous vide we only have to crisp it up on the spit for about 30 minutes instead of all day like you would have had to do in [UNKNOWN] Under the spit while the pig is roasting I'm gonna put all the vegetables. This is brown sugar and water just made into a syrup. So I just want to extra, extra carmel it. We got a creeper, we got a Game of Thrones fan out there. Alright, this pig is done, I'm frickin hot. Vegetables are glazed, super delicious and they got drippings all over them. We're ready to serve up our feast [MUSIC] Little test, let's do a little test ground B. [LAUGH] Alright guys. Wow. [LAUGH] What? My god. Cheers. Cheers [SOUND] [MUSIC] Alright, this is what it's all about. I swear, you can make this all on your own, at home. Go to to find out how. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Game of Thrones. Winter is coming.
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Throw an Epic Game of Thrones Finale Feast