Three Masters: One Night

Dave Matthews, Chef John Besh and winemaker Genevieve Janssens create a special evening of food, wine and music at the Robert Mondavi Winery.

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[MUSIC] Now what I try to do is strip away layers of that and really get to the essence, the soul of the food. The wine is not made to please you, to please the wine maker, but to please the rest of the world. I just came up with the idea of the song With a little group of people. That would mean the world to me [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC] I have a small vineyard and might go to a little winery in Virginia, but this is an entirely different level. This place is stunning. [MUSIC] Good food and good drink and good music tend to go together, almost wherever you are. It's sort of a human quality. To try and prepare your food and prepare your entertainment and prepare your drink in a way that you can enjoy them thoroughly together. How are you? What's going on, brother? Good to see you. I wanted the music of Dave Matthews to really inspire what I cook tonight. So I created the menu. And then I got to hang out with Dave and just after the conversations with Dave and after really kind of getting to know the soul of Dave through that performance, I then had to scrap the menu start all over again. And so what I wanted to do is really come here and capture the soul of that performance. And at the same time use food only from here, creating this really sustainable menu that works well with this music. I think is going to be so cool. We have an incredible beautiful vineyard here, planted in 1945, and we consider this as the oldest [UNKNOWN] in the States. So tonight, because it's so special to our friends, we wanted to treat them in a very special way. 200 cases, so it's almost nothing. [UNKNOWN] bottle work well with this briny salmon, raw salmon dish, and equally well with the creaminess of the [UNKNOWN] and [UNKNOWN] crab. Because [INAUDIBLE] Yep. Great. I love it. This incredible. Thank you so much for having me. Yes. It's fine I can't wait for your entry. Wine is so easy to share. That's the beauty of making wine. That's why I'm in that business. Yeah. Have fun. That's very important. Joy and fun to make wine. Yes. I think that's why I play music too. Music is always good when there's wine and food that's you know, a little music in the background, that's no problem. [MUSIC] During the creative process you take in all these different things that you've filed, and you compose it in either an incredible dish, or an incredible song, I think it's the same. And the same goes for winemaking. Making as well. We make wine not to be selfish at all, we make wine just to share. And we share with friends, and share with the chef. That's why we are together today. [NOISE] Drink to that. [LAUGH] Salud. [MUSIC]
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Three Masters: One Night