Thomas Keller: Lesson in Sous-Vide

Acclaimed chef Thomas Keller demonstrates the sous-vide method.

Acclaimed chef Thomas Keller demonstrates the sous-vide method at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

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[MUSIC] What I want to start to talk to you about is Sous Vide. Has anybody heard about Sous Vide before? All right, cooking in a bag. Well basically, that's what sous vide is all about. We cryovac it or remove the air from the product. And then go ahead and cook it to specific temperatures. And really, what this technique allows us with the vacuum machines and these immersion heaters Allows us to control temperature and, of course, cooking time very precisely. And so I wanna show you what we do with at the restaurant and I'm gonna show you how you can accomplish that at home without any of these crazy gadgets. I think this one's around 58.6 degrees. Does it say that? 59.6 degrees, which is roughly 138 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is the temperature that a protein, red protein lamb or beef, or even veal will reach a medium rare doneness. Here, we've got it right where you can do it at home. We got a pot of water. We've got a thermometer here. The only thing we need differently is a bowl of ice. We bring that temperature up. We watch it. If it gets over that 138 degrees Farenheit, we're gonna just drop in a couple ice cubes. You've watched me drop these ice cubes in here periodically throughout the morning. Right. But once my bouillon is in there and reached that temperature, the variance won't change a lot. It'll maintain that temperature for quite a period of time. So we have our lamb that's come out of our [UNKNOWN] over here, and we're gonna saute it up a little bit, maybe with a little bit of thyme, a little bit of butter, just to give it rosa a little bit, so that it gets a little more carmelized. [SOUND] So can you see this now a little bit? It's medium rare, but you can see where we seared it on the outside, it's really well done. And that's what I'm talking about conventional cooking as a ways to be cooking. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]
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Thomas Keller: Lesson in Sous-Vide