Thanksgiving with Power Tools: Turkey with an Air Compressor

Chef Jamie Bissonnette of Toro in New York demonstrates how to make a crispy-skinned turkey using an air compressor.

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[MUSIC] I'm Jamie Bissonnette at Toro and today we're gonna make Thanksgiving with power tools. This is an air compressor normally used to clean sawdust off of woodworking tables. Today we're gonna use it to dry out our turkey for exceptionally crispy skin. So when we get your turkey, the first thing you wanna do is make sure there's nothing inside. Sometimes there's plastic caging and sometimes there's all the offal. Either way, you don't wanna roast it with all of that inside. We're going to save our necks, hearts, and gizzards for gravy. And now we're going to use the air compressor to inflate the turkey from the inside to dry out the skin, separating it from the meat. [SOUND] Next, to make sure the turkey roasts evenly, we want to fold the wings back behind the body. When roasting a turkey it's important to have something in the cavity to make sure the air doesn't circulate in and dry the turkey out from the inside. Some like stuffing, I like to stuff it with vegetables. I like to stuff it with vegetables because I can use the vegetables for the gravy. The vegetables pick up a lot of flavor inside the turkey and they give off more flavor to the turkey than the stuffing would. The next thing we want to do is we want to seal the turkey a little bit, so we're going to truss the legs together. Now the most important part, seasoning the skin. Remember to season high, so the salt falls evenly over the skin. Same with the pepper, you want to go high, so the pepper goes evenly over the skin. And now, we're going to roast it. As you can see with the air compressor, we got a perfectly crispy, golden brown turkey. And that is how you use power tools to make Thanksgiving dinner. [MUSIC]
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Thanksgiving with Power Tools: Turkey with an Air Compressor