Thanksgiving with Power Tools: Mashed Potatoes with a Paddle Mixer

Chef Jamie Bissonnette of Toro in New York demonstrates how to make Thanksgiving mashed potatoes using a power drill and a paddle mixer attachment.

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[MUSIC] I'm Jamie Bissonnette at Toro, and today we're going to make Thanksgiving with power tools. This is a power drill and a paddle mixer, normally used to mix paint in a five gallon bucket or make spackle Today we're gonna use it to make the bomb mashed potatoes. Here we have boiled potatoes. First thing we wanna do is we wanna season the potatoes, remembering to season high so the salt incorporates nice and evenly. Next, we're gonna add some fresh cracked pepper. When possible always use fresh cracked pepper. Next, we're gonna add a little berbere spice. A lot of people add nutmeg to their mashed potatoes. This is an Ethiopian spice blend that has a lot of those same warming flavors. Here we have some butter and milk that have just been scalded. But remember, as you're adding ingredients, if you think you're adding too much, you're in trouble. So add a little bit at a time. You can always add more. More. So now we're going to use the paddle attachment. Normally you would use a ricer or a mashed potato masher, that takes a lot more effort. This is going to be a lot easier. [SOUND] One thing to remember, like when using a mixer, you can't start it off on high, or it'll spray all the contents everywhere. So when using a power drill, start off slow, and Then, go high. Next, we're going to add some soft cheese. You can use any kind of peau, brie, gruyere. This is clumier. That's going to add more cream and a little bit more of a sour flavor. Also, we're going to add a hard cheese that's a little bit saltier. This one is mahone. You could always use something like pecorino or even parmesan. Because this cheese is harder you have to grate it finer so it incorporates better if you just add it in big chunks it's not going to melt. Now back to the mixing. That saved us a ton of time and a a ton of elbow grease. We're going to need to serve. And just for good measure and garnish we're going to grate a little bit more cheese right on top. And that's how you use a power drill to make the best ever gut bomb mashed potatoes. [MUSIC]
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Thanksgiving with Power Tools: Mashed Potatoes with a Paddle Mixer