Thanksgiving with Power Tools: Fall Salad with an Air Compressor

Chef Jamie Bissonnette of Toro in New York demonstrates how to make a fall salad using an air compressor.

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[MUSIC] I'm Jamie Bissonnette at Toro, and today we're going to make Thanksgiving with power tools. This is an air compressor. Normally used to inflate tires, you can attach a nail gun to it. But today, we're going to use it to clean lettuce, to make an autumn salad. [SOUND] One major thing that a lot of people neglect to do when making a salad, make sure that your lettuce is clean. You can make the most delicious salad in the world. But one grain of dirt or sand will ruin the guest experience, whether you're at a restaurant or at home. One of the things that I like to do when I make a salad, is to break every leaf out individually so I make sure we get all of the sand and grit out of the lettuce. Now that the leaves are pulled apart, we need to clean it in some ice cold water. I like to put them in gently and out gently, not throwing all of them in and mixing it. That way they get bruised. We don't want that. As we're pulling the lettuce out of the water, we want to make sure it drains properly to get all of the grit and sand to the bottom of the bowl. One of the more important things about cleaning lettuce is to get all of the liquid off of it so the dressing doesn't get diluted. I would do this with a salad spinner or by hand. But today I'm going to use a compressor to blow the water right off. [SOUND] Next, we're going to build the dressing right in the bowl and fold the lettuce into the dressing so it incorporates properly. First we're gonna take a little bit of [UNKNOWN] or mayonnaise. The next step, we're going to add a little bit of vinegar to the mayonnaise. You could use any vinegar that you really like to cook with at home. For flavor, we're going to add some nice extra virgin olive oil. To mix the mayonnaise, olive oil, and vinegar, I like to use a fork. We're going to add fresh cracked pepper. A little bit of Kosher salt. We're going to incorporate the lettuce one piece at a time so it incorporates evenly. Folding it into the vinaigrette so it doesn't bruise. Now we're going to add some fall vegetables from the farmers market to the salad. We have some hakurei turnip. It's not necessary to cut this too, too thin. You want to have a little texture. We're going to add some radish. We're going to add some apple. [SOUND] Some fresh savory. Some marcona almonds. I find the best way to get pomegranate out is to flip it over and tap it with the back of your knife. [SOUND] We're going to add a little bit of idiazabal cheese to the salad. What I love about idiazabal cheese is it's sour, it's a little sharp, it has a little bit of a smokiness to it. And it has a good amount of fat. So now we want to gently combine the rest of the ingredients with the salad. I like to use my hands with mixing salad so I can feel the lettuce, to make sure that I'm not bruising it. I'm gonna plate the salad into a nice family style bowl And for good measure we're going to top it with a little bit more cheese. And that is how you use an air compressor to make my favorite fall salad. [MUSIC]
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Thanksgiving with Power Tools: Fall Salad with an Air Compressor