Thanksgiving with Power Tools: Crudo with a Hole Saw

Chef Jamie Bissonnette of Toro in New York demonstrates how to serve Thanksgiving crudo in a block of ice using a power drill and a hole saw.

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[SOUND] [MUSIC] I'm Jamie Bissonnette at Toro. And today, we're going to make Thanksgiving with power tools. I have a power drill with a hole saw. Normally used to make holes to run pipe or cord. Today we're gonna use it to cut ice. One of the things I always serve at Thanksgiving is crudo. But the key to a great crudo is you've gotta keep it cold. So today we're going to make a plate out of ice. [SOUND] Now we have a great little plate to put our crudo in. So we're chopping up some yellow-fin tuna. We're going to add to the tuna a little bit scallion and a yuzu vinaigrette. It's just yuzu, canola oil, and white soy sauce. [SOUND] To that, we're going to add a little bit of diced ginger. [SOUND] Season it with sauce. We're gonna season it with some fresh black pepper. [NOISE] Before we go and plate the tuna in the ice bowl, we're going to seal the bottom where the holes are with a little pistachio hoisin or farmstead miso made from pistachios. [SOUND] And now we're just going to pile it right in. [SOUND] And to finish it we're just going to add some red ribbon sorrel. And that is how you. You use a power drill and a whole saw to make a Thanksgiving Puto in a block of ice.
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Thanksgiving with Power Tools: Crudo with a Hole Saw