Stylish Home TV options

See how a challenging design element took center stage in our Palmetto Bluff Idea House.

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[MUSIC] The T V home is one element that always presents design challenges. And I would say as an architect, you know, our viewpoint's probably evolved a little bit. You know, much like lighting, it's personal preference, and how users tend to use it. And, you know My general viewpoint is, if it's something that you do watch a lot of tv and you're going to use it, I like to make it where it's user friendly. Go ahead and admit that it's a designed element and work around it. In the Southern Living idea house, we've taken it, recognizing that a tv generally is a dark object within a room We've kind of designed around it in the sense that we've created this larger hearth with blackened steel and let the tv be a part of that composition. [MUSIC]
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Stylish Home TV options