Stress-Free Travel Tips

T+L's editor-in-chief on strategies for stress-free packing and why it’s important to leave extra time to get to the airport.

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[MUSIC] Travel and Leisure just covered ways to travel better. One of them of course, would be to reach out to the hotel in advance. Do you have any other really smart tips for how people can experience travel better? Well, one of them is Is something I do myself which is try not to stress. I find packing so stressful and I really haven't conquered this. But it helps a little that I am packing in my mind days before I go. And then I lay things out and, The day before I leave I edit. I'm winnowing out the things I don't need. I think it's important to leave yourself plenty of time at the airport. At least if you're like me. [MUSIC]
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Stress-Free Travel Tips