Steven Raichlen: Dinosaur Bones

Grilling guru and food writer Steve Raichlen grills meaty beef ribs coated with a five-spiced powder rub and Shanghai-barbeque sauce.

Grilling guru and food writer Steve Raichlen grills meaty beef ribs coated with a five-spiced powder rub and Shanghai-barbeque sauce at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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[MUSIC] [mmm] And our next dish is the beef. So let's get the beef set up here. I call these dyno bones. These are the miniature version for the cute little town of Aspen. But in fact they come bigger. I rub a simple mixture of salt, pepper, sugar and five-spice powder. Let's see. We have star anise, we have cinnamon, we have fennel seed, we have pepper. There's a wide variety. On the inside of these ribs is a membrane called the pleura. In fact, these have been demembraned, but you want to remove it, and they way you remove it is just wedge a little butter knife under the bone, pry up, pull off the membrane. So, the way a rub works, we simply Rub the seasoning mix on the meat. Sprinkle it on first. Rub it in. That's why it's called a rub. You can cook the ribs right away, but if you let them marinate for three or four hours the rub will actually cure the mixture. Normally we'd be in an indirect grilling situation Outdoors and we would use soaked oak or hickory chips, soaked in either water, or beer, or wine. Do not soak in a full alcoholic spirit like rum or brandy or else you will actually cause the. Chunks to burn rapidly rather then smolder using fairy sawdust we put about a tablespoon and a half, carefully measured in the bottom. Okay, step number one. Step number two, drift pan goes on top. Step number three, wire rack goes on top of that. Ribs, always concave side up. We have a little principle at barbecue university. Fat side up, so the fat melts. And as the fat melts, it moisturizes the meat. These ribs will take about 30 to 40 minutes, so we'll get smoke on em for 20 minutes and then to be honest with you, if you want to work with this and get the best results, throw em in the oven for the other 20 minutes so you get A sort of moist smokey heat to put flavor in and then a dry heat to melt out the fat and crisp the bones. The sauce goes on at the absolute end or actually even served on the side. So on the ribs, I want to show you a kind of important principle with the ribs. And that is you see how the meat has shrunk back from the end of the bones about one quarter of an inch, that's how you know when a rib is cooked. Another way is you can tear the ribs apart with your fingers. A rib should not be fall-off-the-bone tender. If a rib is fall-off-the-bone tender, chances are it's been boiled. And that is heresy in my barbecue religion. So, concerning the sauce, if you feel impelled to put a sauce on, What I would do is, the very last minute, I brush the sauce on, then just move the ribs over the direct part of the grill to sizzle the sauce in. Sauce on the side, a little finely chopped scallion green. Dinosaur bones with Shanghai BBQ sauce. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]
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Steven Raichlen: Dinosaur Bones