Stephanie Izard: Cooking Goat

Stephanie Izard is on a mission to get more diners interested in this alternative meat.

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[SOUND] [MUSIC] I kind of say that a cow and a pig made a baby and it was a goat, but it's the best things you can get of those other meats all in one. It's interesting that goat's been the most eaten meat throughout the world through history, but it's just now becoming more popular in the US. It's great, and it's hard to describe. People try to compare it to lamb, but it's not that gamey. My favorite part of the goat Is the neck. I'm not sure how the meat on the neck, why it's so different, but we put it out on the table, it's about yea big. Comes out roasted, we smoke it, we braise it, and then we put it in the wood fire oven. So it's crispy on the outside, smoked and tender on the inside. And I remember growing up, and my favorite part of Thanksgiving was the turkey neck, my mom and I would gnaw on them. So you could pick this one up and gnaw on it, but it might be a bit much. But The meat just falls right off the bone. It's absolutely delicious. Just rich, tender. Everything that you want in the meat is. [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC]
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Stephanie Izard: Cooking Goat