Stephanie Izard: Brunch

The chef talks about the ultimate brunch and one of her favorite dishes at Little Goat, her Chicago diner that serves the meal all day.

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[MUSIC] We just opened a diner where we do brunch all day. And the way that we approach the dishes is the same way we approach dinner, where each dish, it's not just french toast. How can we make it different? And really celebrate brunch. The best brunch dish I think, just to talk about one of mine, we do a fun plan french toast so we take The bread that we do is a sweet onion brioche, so it's not too sweet. We cut the hole out so it's kind of a combination of toad in the whole. We put an egg inside, over the top we have crispy fried chicken, and then we have a barbecue maple syrup. So you're taking toad in the hole, chicken and waffles, and french toast, marrying them all together, making a sweet and savory with a little bit of strawberries as well. I think it's just everything you need in brunch. The perfect brunch drink for me, I think, I'm a mimosa type of person but I love taking it with different fruits that are in season. We've done it with rhubarb which I think is great because it's got that nice acid and that's gonna wake you up when you have that acid from rhubarb along with the bubbles, that gets your day going. I think it's perfect.
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Stephanie Izard: Brunch