SOMM: Into the Bottle – Robert Mondavi

In this exclusive Clip from SOMM: Into the Bottle, experts discuss Robert Mondavi.

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Then you've got this guy, Robert [UNKNOWN] who comes along in the sixties, and he's like, [LAUGH] I've got an idea. I'm gonna open up a winery and not only a winery, like, a huge, ambitious winery. Like, like, I wanna take down the French, I wanna make the The best wine in the world here in California. Imagine the economy goes down in 2008, and you're like I wanna open up a car manufacturer in Detroit. That's what Robert Mondavi did with wine. The guy's got brass balls, man. [MUSIC] If anybody thinks about American wine the first thing they think about it Nappa Valley, with out a doubt. I think if Robin Mondovi didn't exist California wine wouldn't exist.
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SOMM: Into the Bottle – Robert Mondavi