Soft & Serene Master Bathroom

Painted a soft blue, the bathroom is completely symmetrical and features a dramatic focal point: a freestanding tub framed by curtains.

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[MUSIC] There's a narrow corridor that leads from the bedroom down into the bathroom and closet area. Right as you walk down the hallway, the first thing you notice are the his and her closets. They're concealed by a pair of sliding barn doors that slide open to reveal storage for clothing and accessories. As you further go down the hallway, you start to see the frosted glass panels that conceal the shower area on one side and the toilet on the other. They also create sort of a spa-like feel in the bathroom. In the shower area, floor to ceiling, the walls are covered in a soft blue subway tile. And the floor has a really small mosaic tile. The shower is outfitted with dual showerheads for the ultimate spa-like atmosphere. The master bathroom is centered on a beautiful soaking tub that almost acts like a piece of sculpture in the room. [MUSIC] It's situated beneath a bank of windows, and there are long hanging curtains, and a beautiful fabric. Handing over the tub is a silver lantern and a really beautiful geometric shape. On each end of the room, there's a pair of vanities with marble tops and lots of storage below with cabinets and drawers. There's hardwood flooring in the master bathroom, which continues down from the master bedroom to create a cohesive feel between the two spaces. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Soft & Serene Master Bathroom