Slicing Potatoes 101

Here's how to slice potatoes with a mandolin.

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[MUSIC] So I'm gonna slice off the [SOUND] ends first so that we don't end up with old pointy pieces of potato. And then I'm gonna use this handheld mandolin, which we totally love. Make sure to be careful while you're using it. And I'm just turning it as I go because I find that it starts to get a little sort of wonky if you just push it in one direction. It sort of evens it out if you just keep turning it. That's a cool trick. My slices are actually not so beautiful here. All right. You can also do it by hand, or with a knife if you feel like testing your knife skills. Feel like torturing yourself. Yes. [LAUGH] But you wanna make sure that they are thin enough, you don't want that [UNKNOWN] to end up too heavy. Yeah. [MUSIC]
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Slicing Potatoes 101