Simply Pretty Girl's Bathroom

This prim and pretty bath features handy storage, hidden by drapes that give the illusion of a shower curtain. Beautiful beige tile frames the space.

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[MUSIC] In the girl's bathroom, the walls are white and there's a beautiful, generous sink vanity that's painted in a khaki color and has a white marble top. Above the vanity, there's a mirror and set of matching sconces. The floor is white tile, and set into that is the khaki tile, that's put into sort of a band. It almost works as a frame around the room, a little bit of a graphic pattern set into the floor. And there's the same storage in this bathroom as in the boy's bathroom with a built in nook of shelving along one side of the wall. And there's a large set of drapery, almost like a shower curtain that covers it and this is white linen and is used in the same treatment as the window treatments in the room with pink grow grain tread along the edge. It's just a really beautiful way to add a little bit of pattern and hint of color into this room. The shower in this bathroom has a frosted glass door and the same white tile from the floor is carried into the shower floor with just a simple white subway tile running up the wall. [MUSIC] In the girls bathroom there's a set of prints that just kind of add to the whimsy of the room. They're quite modern style but just have quite a bit of color and playfulness to them; They're still framed in the white frames with white mats which Suzanne is really used throughout the house and is just a simple way To have the art blend into the walls, but also stand out and pop off of that white backdrop. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Simply Pretty Girl's Bathroom