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This year, we've made our idea house video shoppable. Click the tab to purchase any of the featured products. Decorative accessories are an easy way to make a home feel layered and complete. Here's some of our favorites from the idea house at Palmetto Bluff, that are the perfect finishing touches for any room. This weighty concrete and brass lamp, is great for a console table, and adds an organic modern vibe. We love the matte light finish of these antique inspired French lamp slips. The curvy shapes and large size are perfect for accessorizing book cases, and open shelves. Reminiscent of geometry class, this sculpture adds interest, not visual weight, to a tabletop. A well-proportioned wicker basket is an essential for any room. It adds an the natural, casual note, and can hold blankets, throw pillows, and anything else that could otherwise clutter a space. This small gold starburst catches your attention and spotlights everything around it. Place it by a window to lure your eyes to a great view outside. Books lend instant warmth to a room. For an extra layer of color, use intricately patterned hardbound copies. [MUSIC] Check out our other Idea House videos for more shoppable rooms. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Shop the Living Room