Shayn Bjornholm and Leslie Sbrocco: The Most Underrated Wine Region

Which region creates incredible wines but gets no love?

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[MUSIC] I'm gonna say Beaujolais is the most underrated wine region in the world. So gamay, amazing grape. Beaujolais, South Burgundy, amazing wines. Because of a particular style of Beaujolais, people don't realize how good it can be. So Beaujolais, especially cru Beaujolais like [FOREIGN] or [FOREIGN], or [FOREIGN] or something like that. If you like Burgundy from Pinot Noir, from the northern part of Burgundy, it's very similar, but it's a little bit gamier. Not quite as structured. Maybe a little bit More fruit driven. But especially in the Crews, it's got a little bit more fruit, to me a little bit more granite earth, which is darker earth to me. And it's softer, it doesn't have the tannins. It doesn't have the structure, so you can drink it earlier. Beaujolais to me is like And it's not you know Beaujolais nouveau People think Beaujolais nouveau. Nope. It is so much more than that. It's like taking a fresh grape and popping it into your mouth and then having this little juicy explosion. Boom. Starburst of wines. I'm actually going to say a very, very unique little wine region that people don't know about. It's in Trentino in northern Italy. And it's called Trentodoc and they make a beautiful sparkling wine. Most people think of high end sparkling wine from Italy as Franciacorta. But Trentino and the sparkling wines of Trentodoc absolutely gorgeous. Wow. Made with pinot noir and chardonnay. And Pinot Meunier so the champagne grapes but in Northern Italy [MUSIC]
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Shayn Bjornholm and Leslie Sbrocco: The Most Underrated Wine Region