Seamus Mullen's Food Journey

In this video from Feast Kitchen, chef Seamus Mullen discusses how his style of cooking evolved after a life-changing diagnosis.

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[MUSIC] I got very sick when I left our home when I was a kid and I started eating garbage food. I continued to eat really poorly and eventually, I got to the point where my body just hurt all the time. And then I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease. [MUSIC] I had a few experiences where I nearly died. I was sick, getting sicker and I really felt as though I was never going to get well. [MUSIC] You know I think about my grandmother, I think about Moody all the time. She was the one that said Food made you sick. Food can make you healthy. She was the one that came to me and said you've gotta do what you love doing. She kinda looked at me and said you should cook. Those wise things that my grandmother had said like you are what you eat [MUSIC] And that's more true than ever. All of those things become fundamental to my getting healthy. [MUSIC] Exercise became incredibly important. For a long time when I was sick, it was virtually impossible for me to exercise. But as I got better, I felt The need to. Do you wish him happy birthday? Happy birthday, Sheamus. Can you believe he's 40? She was very happy to see me get healthy, unfortunately my health coincided with her [MUSIC] Illness, when she died an owl flew down in front of the window in front of my mother and then it turned it's head and looked at my mother and pwff, flew off just like that. [MUSIC]. To me a table, a meal is A community distilled is culture distilled to its most basic form. [MUSIC] I lost my life and I almost lost it for good. I had to take lessons from my childhood and apply them to my My adulthood and that was one of the things that help me get healthy. [MUSIC]
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Seamus Mullen's Food Journey