Save Ugly Food: A Message from Mario Batali

Everyone celebrates Earth Day in their own way. This year, superstar chef Mario Batali came up with an unconventional and brilliant way to shout out this all important day. Inspired by the PSAs for the Humane Society and the ASPCA, Batali created his own PSA.

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[MUSIC] Each year six billion pounds of fruit and vegetables are wasted in the United States. Many of these brave little apples, parsnip and tomatoes are passed over because of their looks along. They languish, unloved and uneaten. Hoping against hope for some kind souls to open their hearts and their kitchens. Won't you help save these fruits, rescue these vegetables, and give them the home they deserve? You can make a difference. Save an ugly fruit or vegetable. Today. MUSIC]
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Save Ugly Food: A Message from Mario Batali