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[MUSIC] Santa Barbara is a great small community. We're very fortunate here to have great soil, great weather, unmatched as far as the ability to grow, pretty much can access anything we want. [MUSIC] Hey, I'm Brandon Hughes executive chef here at Wine Cask Santa Barbara. The foodie stroll is a cool experience where we get to take our guests through the market, allow them to kind of pick what they want to use for the dinner for the evening and show them how we pick produce and what we're looking and specifically why I choose You know each individual farm. I don't think people ever put a lot of thought into how the relationships work between the purveyors of food and the people that are gonna produce their food. The relationship we have with the chefs almost enables us to go out on a limb. And plant things that we love, that we know that they would like, because the chefs trust us and are excited about what we're doing. And the market also has fresh florals that we use for the restaurant, We pick them up down the street and have them grown two miles away. Just like in food, they're asking the question, where are our flowers coming from. That gives me opportunity to educate them, that no, we grow roses here in California as well, and actually right down the road. These farmers I've been working with for 10 years, so it's kind of funny to have them not realize that I have people with me, and they'll start razzing me about something, and I'm like, I've got people with me here. The food scene, the wine scene has kind of come up together here in town. So the winemakers live here, you know? They drive the, they bring the wine down themselves. Chef Hughes is a very talented young man. Very into the local scene here. I really love it when the chef's involved in the selecting of the wines and being involved with the wines. Those are the kind of guys who I want to work with. We get to go to the wineries and be a part of the process. Learn through a lot of really great guys here. It's cool. I think people want to know where their food comes from. I think that's definitely something we're working towards Even if it's stuff that I don't normally work with it's kinda fun to have the challenge of saying you guys want to try this for dinner tonight and we get back to restaurant here and I got about 40 minutes to make something work for them. And hopefully, it's good. [MUSIC] Santa Barbara is really a great culinary destination because of just the variety that's available here. It is a really cool sense of Accomplishment, pick something up raw the same day, bring it back, and prepare a great meal with it. [MUSIC] It's whatever it is you'd like that's always available, it's always In season. [MUSIC]
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Santa Barbara