Sanjeev Kapoor: How to Toast Spices

Sanjeev Kapoor demonstrates how to toast and grind cumin for recipes such as spicy chickpeas and Goan shrimp curry.

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So how do you toast or roast cumin? You take a pan. You take cumin seeds, dried cumin seeds. Heat the pan evenly and make sure that you start mixing them at regular interval. Now I can begin to smell. The nice aroma, which is typical cumin. And now I could use it, for some dishes I could use it like this. When it has changed its color, look at the difference. However, for some dishes I would keep on cooking this, almost charring it, and make sure they get roasted evenly. But here I can hear that nice crackling sound. And I'm still cooking. And this is the color that I want for chole, for chick peas. Look at this. But before you start to grind this, make sure that you have cooled this down because that is when it will become nice and crisp, and be easy to grind. Just take this and little pressure Look at the color. You would easily grind this in a coffee grinder or a dry spice grinder. Simply superb.
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Sanjeev Kapoor: How to Toast Spices