Sanjeev Kapoor: How to Make Curry

Sanjeev Kapoor demonstrates how to make perfect curry at home.

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So to do a perfect [UNKNOWN] take a nice thick bottom pan and oil, let it heat. When oil is a little hot you'll add things like cinnamon, cloves, [UNKNOWN] I'm making them whole. Red onion, we use red onion most of the time. [SOUND] Since I added onion, you need to constantly stir this, you have to be there, you cannot leave it. You see the color change, now it's nicely brown, caramelized. To ensure that it does not burn, I'm adding little Water to it. Time to add ginger paste, garlic paste, different spices, ground turmeric, ground coriander, ground cumin, ground red chilis. Mix this. All the spices nicely cooked. Time to add fresh tomatoes, pureed. The oil starts to separate. That is a sign that tomatoes are done, gravy is done. If you add water, cook for some more time, and whatever you need to put into this. Your choice. Perfect [UNKNOWN].
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Sanjeev Kapoor: How to Make Curry