Sanjeev Kapoor: How to Grate Coconut

Sanjeev Kapoor shows you how to open and grate a fresh coconut.

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Coconut is sacred to us. Any time we start anything new, we break a coconut. Peel this extra here off and break it. You'll need a lot of power. [SOUND] Once you break it, Cracks open, look at this. And if it's not too dry, it will have some water. Now break it open. Look at this. Lovely. Let me take this off. If I take this part out, this is what I would go. This is the edible part. We just need the white part. How do you get that? I'm sure you would have this. Use this. Take this brown part out and grate it. [SOUND] And this is perfect for coconut chutney or for any gravy that you want. If you wanna make coconut milk with this, you can do that. Or just, you can use this as a garnish.
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Sanjeev Kapoor: How to Grate Coconut