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[MUSIC] We first started growing organically and growing for fresh market almost 30 years ago. California is one of the few places in the world with it's Mediterranean climate and it's soils, it's abundant resources, it's biological history in terms of the character of the soil. You can just about grow anything. Hi, I'm Paul Miller. I'm a farmer here at Full Belly Farm. We're in a beautiful valley in northern California called the Capay Valley. About 30 miles from Sacramento About a 100 acre farm here. We don't pick and put it in the cooler. We pick to order. Restaurants tell us what they need and we'll pick it that morning. It will be on a truck that evening and they'll have it the very next day. Food tastes different when it's fully mature. It's picked right. You have handle it differently. You have to pack it differently. It has to be closer to the end user. Those subtleties are things that we are adopting and those are the things that we feel like this farm can extend to the public by selling to great restaurants like Quince, who use those products and highlight and celebrate the subtleties and how those crops taste. [MUSIC] I was so impressed with produce in California. I don't think it's like any other part of the United States. Hi my name is Michael Tusk, I'm the chef owner of Quince restaurant in San Francisco, California. The products didn't need to be manipulated. We really just enhance their flavor by treating them with respect and just elevating them even further. [MUSIC] It's just a great feeling. It's a feeling that you can transmit to your guests and to your staff, and to the younger generations of chefs to to not rely on like just picking up a phone and ordering something. It makes all the difference by going out and finding that new farmer, or new relationship. That all started with working with Full Belly Farm. I'm interested in finding the best raw products that I can serve my guests and I think the farmer's interested in providing who's going to purchase the highest quality ingredients I mean there's a natural relationship. We wouldn't exist if it wasn't for all the hard work that these farmers do. You know, California's unique. This is that anyone coming to California can appreciate the fact that most foods going to our great restaurants are sourced from people who are trying to get it to those restaurants as quickly as possible. But it makes for a great culinary experience. [MUSIC].
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