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[MUSIC] People think that the lifestyle of San Diego is kind of the quintessential Southern California vibe. You know, it's unpretentious, it's comfortable. I can walk in shorts and buy a $400 bottle of wine. I think every chef looks for a baseline of where your food's coming from and for us that's the lifestyle of San Diego. [MUSIC] Hi, my name is Trey Foshee, I'm the Executive Chef partner of Georges At The Cove. What we try to do is try to focus that lifestyle and turn it into a culinary experience. And the number one crop here is avocados. And California's the number one state for growing avocados in the nation. It is like surfing in Southern California it is just everything that Southern California is about and avocados are part of that. Avocados are not just guacamole. Chief Tre and Brother Chief Zicam they are the ones that bring to light the versatility of the avocado. It is something that is really flexible and versatile you can use in a lot of different applications fits right into that San Diego Stop. [BLANK_AUDIO] What's wonderful is that it's a new kind. The soil and the weather and everything we have creates a wonderful fruit. Probably the premiere avocado in the world. You can't improve the quality of an ingredient with technic. So if you start with good ingredient Then you can elevate those great ingredients. But that's what it's all about. Every dish that we do we look at and we say, is this something that fits San Diego, or is this something that could be in Chicago, or could be in New York? We want you to be able to come in here, have an experience that you can't have anywhere else that is Particular to San Diego. That starts with the ingredients, obviously, but it also follows through with the lifestyle. [MUSIC] And that's who we are as a city. And that's who I am. That's why I'm in San Diego. [MUSIC]
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