When in Rome, eat at a trattoria popular with locals and stay in a boutique hotel with fabulous views. T+L has the scoop.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Sarah. And I'm Nilou. The eternal city has so much to offer. Art, architecture, and countless tractoria in which to while the day away. So, how do you Craft a perfect easy itinerary well the old adage says it best do as the Romans do. The first stop for any food visitor in Rome should be the brand new Nuovo Mercato in Testaccio where more than a hundred purveyors offer everything from Overstuffed Panini to the city's specialty, [FOREIGN]. Style mavens make a b-line for Delfina Delettrez's brand new namesake boutique, just steps from the [FOREIGN]. The jeweler comes from a long line of design royalty. Her mother is [FOREIGN]. And her avant garde rings and bracelets make a bold statement. For dinner, [UNKNOWN] beckons. I can't resist the sea urchin pasta at Osteria La Gensola, a charming family run restaurant. The night's still young though. So after dinner, follow the lead of hip locals to grab a nightcap at Bir and Fud. There you can taste some of the best craft beers in all of Italy. When you're ready to turn in make your way to Palazzo Manfredi, a gorgeous boutique hotel in a restored 16th century lodge right next to the coliseum. Book the deluxe room on the top floor for the best views and don't miss the lavish breakfast spread on the property's rooftop terrace. Thanks for watching.>> Enjoy your trip. [MUSIC]
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