Rick Bayless: How to Grill Garlic

Grilling garlic mellows and sweetens its harsh bite. Rick Bayless shows you how to check when it's done.

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[music] I think they're about ready now. Certainly I can tell tat the Jalepenos are completely soft. I'm going to check the garlic once I get it all off here and let it cool fo a second. And this is exactly what I'm looking for. So take a clove of the garlic and twist it between your fingers. It it has some give, then you know it's completely soft, that means it's gonna be aromatic and sweet, not strong garlic flavor. And then once they've cooled to the point where you can handle them You just pop each one out of it's papery skin and it'll just come right off. [MUSIC]
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Rick Bayless: How to Grill Garlic