Rick Bayless, Best New Chef 1988

Frontera Grill, Chicago

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[MUSIC] I"m Rick Bayless and I have Frontera Grill in [UNKNOWN], almost in the heart of downtown Chicago.In Frontera Grill we really strive to capture the regional cooking of Mexico. I want it to be the same kind of experience that you'd have if you were at a street stall in Mexico or in Grandma's kitchen some place in a small town in Mexico where a dish was really perfected. That's what we're going for. For. Chicago is a true reflection of the midwest, and right in the middle of Lincoln park, there is a zoo. It's so much fun to just stop by there, spend 30 minutes in there. Every summer we'll pack up a picnic and go, it's really spectacular. I like wacky places and Violet bar really is one of those wacky places. They make a show out of presenting their drinks which I think is just totally fun. Park Hyatt hotel you can go out on a terrace on the backside to be surrounded by These gorgeous skyscrapers. I think it's really a spectacular experience and you can only have that in one restaurant and that's at Naomi. This is a real marvel. This city is a beautiful place to live.
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Rick Bayless, Best New Chef 1988