Richard Blais: Secret Ingredients

Richard Blais makes ingenious use of unexpected ingredients like Lemonheads, Rotel and tortilla chips at the 2013 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] In the true spirit of improv, I kind of don't know exactly what we're gonna cook all the way through. I had one of my chefs just say bring in some stuff from home and dump it out on the kitchen table. So, chorizo is one. Again not to be the pretentious chef like some of the ingredients we're gonna cook with today, they came in cans. Chipotle peppers, all right? Yes, spice. Chicken Stock, all right, so here we go, we have our Chorizo now we're gonna add some Tortillas right? We're gonna add some Tortillas, this is gonna add some flavor of course, it's gonna add some texture to our puree. Let's add the chicken stock. So our sauce is gonna puree. All right, so now we're gonna get into our brook trout. Here, I'm gonna go for some big favor. So this is some duck fat. I'm gonna do just the skin side here because the fish is so thin and you can see it, I'm just gonna let it hang out in the warm fat, right? The fat was hot enough that the fish isn't sticking to the pan. You're all foody so you're not worried about eating trout medium or mid rare, because that's how it's delicious, right? And that's done. I can even see in the pan, it's been in there. I would eat it right now. How's the puree. How's that chef? That looks good. I think that that looks. Can it get thicker? Sorry, we're having a moment. So here's our puree, can you guys see the puree there? That's our tortilla torizo puree. We're going to plate out torizo puree. All right, so I'm gonna put this down. All right, so now we're gonna use the spatula and okay, modern new chef, of course. Right? All right, so we are gonna now place our fish that was cooked. That one was raw, so good thing I picked the right one up. [LAUGH] All right, we're gonna lay down our fish. Oh, we're gonna make some pickles real quick. Dry soda out of Seattle. I'm gonna use this to pickle right now. All right? So this is a quick little step here. We're gonna add some vinegar to that, and that's our pickling liquid right? And then we have some onion's that we chopped up really quick, and super simple here we're just going to throw in some of these onion rings. Alright, so there we go. So then we're going to drop in some of our beautiful pea's, and these are some beautiful English pea's. And then let's drop some of our clobbered cream onto this dish. I say drop it cuz it's kinda thick and I want this to look like this. This really loose and rusted, we'll leave that off to the side, a little bit of a rassle de nut that's gonna give this a little Je ne sais quoi. Lemon heads. Yeah. No. Lemon heads are cool candy, I like lemon heads. [LAUGH] So we're adding a little bit of sugar, and we're adding this intense, real synthetic, lemon flavor. [APPLAUSE] To this dish, all right tweezers. I need my tweezers, and I need some herbs. You got that? Now my pickles are ready, so i'm gonna jump in here real quick. We have some of the soil that I harvested from the local river. And then we have some nasturtium leaves. Alright there we go, so there's our there's our trout dish. Alright how about some mustard mustard seed caviar because you just have it laying around in your fridge. Here's our trout, and that's our dish! [APPLAUSE]
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Richard Blais: Secret Ingredients