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[MUSIC] I'm Rich. Travel and Leisure's Executive Digital Editor. And I'm an adventure travel junky. It's a passion that's taken me to the top of Kilimanjaro, hardest thing I've ever done. And to the middle of Borneo. To spend the week with hunter gatherers. And there's really nowhere I wouldn't go. I may be the one person in America who still enjoys flying. The Travel Bug, totally my parent's fault. When I was a kid we went to spots like the then Soviet Union and the then divided Berlin And I'm obsessed with returning to places like this that have changed so radically and experiencing what's new. That might explain why I'm also interested in new technologies, finding innovations that make travel smoother and easier for all of us. Ironically, neither were always connected. I like trying to find places to get away from technology where tweeting and check in aren't even options. It's one of the reasons my next trip is to Burma. Cellphones, even ATM cards, useless. So look for me virtually on Twitter or physically off the grid.
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Rich Beattie