Host Andy Cohen sits down with all 18 chef'testants and judges Padma, Tom and Gail for the All-Stars reunion special.

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Top chef fans were outraged with one chef who's heart just didn't seem to be in the game. Take a look at this. Ok this is me. [LAUGH] Oh snap My name is Jamie Lauren. Honestly I'm here to kick **** Jamie you know, I haven't seen her cook anything. She's like an octopus, you know you never see them. She comes out once in a while, cook some chick peas Crawls back in their hole. [LAUGH] Take the skin off. I'm cleaning the skin off the bacon. God. Are you all right. I just cut myself. My knife slips and goes right through my thumb. I'm leaving. Stitches on my thumb. What the hell? Really? Did you get stitches? Yeah. I got two. Two stitches just really feels like a Capa. [MUSIC] Jamie is definitely scathed by. She is really kinda like, oh we have to cook today, oh I don't know what I'm These are hard. You're going first, you're going first, right? Plate up. There's no way. I'm not going first. I'm hoping that I won't have to go at all which would be nice for me. Jamie's nowhere to be found. Think I saw her hiding underneath the table cloth. [LAUGH] Because if he thinks he had the worst dish She's not even up for elimination. She's not here. She sneaked out of it, you know. Spike, please pack your knives and go. [SOUND] I got screwed. Listen Jaime, this is a competition, and at some point, you're gonna have to compete. Oh. Oh. [LAUGH] Let's get into this. Lynn from Enfield, Connecticut says, did Jamie regret seeing the footage of everyone else sucking it up after being hurt. And her basically giving up because she needed only two stitches? Okay. Here's the first thing, I actually haven't seen the footage. I actually haven't watched the show. I stopped watching because it was painful for me to watch. [MUSIC]
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Reunion Special