Restaurant Roots - Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Jean-Georges Vongerichten returned to the Bahamas in February to reopen his restaurant DUNE at One&Only Ocean Club after Hurricane Matthew.

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[MUSIC] I mean this location actually chose me, because 19 years ago when we came the first time, the property was owned by Sol Kerzner. He flew me over here with them and he said I want to do a restaurant At my property, The Ocean Club on Paradise Island. I said, that sounds great. I told Mr. Kerzner, I say, I don't really want to do a restaurant in four walls, between the concrete walls. I mean we're on a tropical island here, I would love to do something a little more open, airy. I almost said no to him, I said, it's nice, but no thank you. But he said to me, where would you do a restaurant? So I walk all the way to the beach here and I said, right here with this view On the beach, on the dune. And he said, okay, let's build the restaurant here, and we're gonna call it Dune. And a year after the restaurant was built and I've been coming here since. I'm chef Jean-Georges Vongerchten, and here we are at Dune, in the Bahamas. [MUSIC] We can here, and it was an empty dune, and then it was to build a restaurant, to create a restaurant, and to create some jobs for the local community. It feels good. It feels good to make something different. I mean I like the locations we have but this one we really build it from scratch and work with the designer. So I remember every single columns, every single walls was put on and the roof. So it was kind of sad last year in October when the hurricane hit the restaurant because we lost some of the roof. But now we designed it because you know it's all windows we really want the view to be the decor. So it's very simple, very relaxed. The ocean, the palm trees, the ambiance is the decor. We try to put something on the menu for everyone but we try to do a menu that is diverse enough. The people are excited about it. [BLANK_AUDIO] You can have a simply cooked piece of grouper with a slice of lemon or you could have something really elaborate. If you come with kids we have some pizza on the menu. The restaurant is evolving in every different way. You know in the beginning we probably were the only kind of I wouldn't say fine dining but a high end restaurant on the island. Inspiration for me is about traveling and getting inspired from all of the different countries we go to. [MUSIC]
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Restaurant Roots - Jean-Georges Vongerichten