Restaurant Roots - Geoffrey Zakarian

For the last 2 years Geoffrey Zakarian has been working to launch his new restaurant Point Royal in The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL.

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[MUSIC] I tell people I got into this probably untraditionally. I was not going to school for being a chef but, I grew up in a household that was middle eastern. And at breakfast we talked about lunch. At lunch we talked about dinner. At dinner we talked about what's for breakfast tomorrow. And that's what it was, it was a constant stream of. Food analysis. I didn't know it back then, but it was this daily ritual. My family was nurturing something for the future. And, it never felt so natural as when I was in France. Then, when I got out of school, cooking school, I started cooking. It was like, it wasn't work. It was just like, a joy of doing this. [MUSIC] My goal in a restaurant, in any restaurant, is to make it an unexpected journey, like you wow I didn't expect that. It's unexpectedly good. We don't promise, we under-promise and we try to over-deliver all the time. If you do that, you get the cold food cold, the hot food hot. Great hospitality, it's a good restaurant and you just need to be good to survive. Cuz greatness is really hard. Greatness comes over years and years of being good. I mean, I can do all kinds of culinary tricks and jump out of the box but that's not what it's all about. It's about their experience and having a customer have a real great time. John and Christine Gachot, who helped design this, just got it. I said I want tropical Cuba meets that south of France with a little nod towards modernity and Florida. Just keep Florida in mind, and they got it. I put the bar right in the middle of the room so people walking can see the bartender shaking drinks, drinking out of frozen glasses, and they get wow, we have to come here for a drink. You're on the beach. We're on the ocean so we want to be a seafood restaurant not really we want to be a coastal restaurant which means we will have more than just seafood so we have a lot of great grilled fish items and I think the grilled fish and crudo and the raw Bari's gonna be what you see a lot of A lot of people fill in with. And I'm happy about that because there's a lightness to it. There's a Mediterranean to it, it's a great diet. Hospitality breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. It doesn't take a vacation. You don't shut the lights off at five. The office is closed. You know those people who say, I'm out of the office now. They can just put it on their email, how's that possible?
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Restaurant Roots - Geoffrey Zakarian