Removing the Meat From a Cooked Lobster

Removing the Meat from a Cooked Lobster.

Removing the Meat from a Cooked Lobster

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Very often the lobster is poached of course. And there are different way of poaching it, depending the size that you have. I tend to put it sometimes just in boiling water, let it come back to a boil. Maybe boil a minute or so and leave it on the side. And you have to take the meat out of it. Take the meat out of it. The first thing you do you break the tail and then you usually keep all that juice for a mix to a mayonnaise or whatever you crack the tail this way. And then get that lobster was just cooked [SOUND] And that you can pull this out. Here, usually the lobster will give you about a quarter of his weight. I'm saying that a pound lobster will give you [UNKNOWN] of meat. I find that we eat a great deal of lobster. In summer, so we think it's the lobster season when in fact it's better in winter. Winter they have the hard shell lobster, in summer I've found the soft shell lobster have less meat in it. So, the front is there. [SOUND] You want to take the juice, as I said again. And see the stomach here. I didn't split it in half, so the stomach is in one piece here. Which is that bag, that sack that I saw you split in the other lobster. This would be, the stomach's here. Full of gravel inside. Okay. Sometime we keep the end of it [SOUND] for decoration. [BLANK_AUDIO] And the tail. And now we break this. You wanna break it at that joint. Aficionado will tell you that that particular joint is the best part of the lobster. This is the crusher this here the pincer the long one. And that the stronger one. To remove the meat here you wanna break this at the joint. Pull out the bone there will a bone inside it will come out and the meat You see if you wiggle it, right, that bone which is inside the mit comes out and the mit, which is inside there stays there. Break it. It's always better to cover it. And as you can see, this one's a big claw like this and have relatively small pieces of meat. Which is right there. [NOISE] When you invite people to eat lobster, you give them one of those nutcrackers, and they fight with it, but this is the joy of eating lobster in summer, you know? Out of that whole piece of meat inside the claw here, it's coming out now. With that first part which I say is the best here. [SOUND] There. [SOUND] Right away here. Put that one here. Now the tail itself it cut in half, conventionally, to look if there is any intestinal tract. This one seems to be clean, so we'll put it back. There and often the lobster will be presented this way with the front of the lobster here, the one here. You can do a puff base, put that underneath. You have the whole meat of the lobster right there. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Removing the Meat From a Cooked Lobster