Recipe Demo: Crispy Chicken Thighs with Mixed Stone Fruit and Sheeps' Milk Feta

F&W Best New Chef 2013 Jason Vincent demonstrates how to prepare his Crispy Chicken Thigh with Mixed Stone Fruit and Sheeps' Milk Feta recipe at the GE Monogram Interior Motives Center.

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[MUSIC] I'm Jason Vincent the executive chef of Nightwood Restaurant in Chicago, one of Food & Wine's best new chef 2013. At Nightwood, we try to really focus on the flavor. We try to. Cooks as much flavor out of a raw ingredient as we possibly can. Whether it's a vegetable, or a protein, or a starch. We play with things as often as we can to make it as interesting as possible for the diner. We're at the GE Monogram Design Center. Today we're making crispy chicken thigh with mixed stone fruit. Sheep's milk feta. The inspiration for this dish came from a little bit of time I spent at Luke with Suzanne [UNKNOWN] it was just a week or so but she really showed me the way of letting ingredients speak for themselves. The first thing you want to do with the chicken thigh is season it. [MUSIC] We wanna go pretty aggressive on the salt with poultry, go pretty aggressive on the pepper and then let it stand for a few minutes it will kind of start to weep out a little bit then you dry it off. So now we're gonna sour the chicken that you wanna get the pan about of medium hot. Then get your olive oil in it. Let that get come up to a medium hot temperature. Put the dry chicken thigh in, skin side down. Once the chicken thigh goes in, you wanna start raising the temperature gradually so your maintaining the same heat through he process. And then once you get it all the way up Too hot, you know you're gonna start to sear it, get some color. The great thing about the Monogram Pro range is that you can control the heat to the point where you can do anything from a really delicate simmer, all the way up to a restaurant quality sear. At this point, while the chicken's searing, you wanna julienne a red onion and Rough chop a few stone fruit. I like to use nectarines a lot, peaches, plums. Don't be afraid to add cherries. At this point, once you flip the chicken, you want to add the red onion. You want to kind of stew it down in this really delicious mixture now you have of olive oil, and chicken fat, and salt. Don't be afraid of the red onion. It gets a little crispy or brown around the edges. After you've stirred it around, add your chopped stone fruit. Again Around the chicken and just let that stew and braise and steam the chicken a little bit. To finish this dish, we're going to put it in the oven on convection broil. You can use the heat of the convection to finish the cooking of the chicken die and at the same time, you're getting the broil feature to crisp the skin and caramelize the fruit. Another feature is that the entire oven rack slides out so you don't have to put your hand in a hot oven, something I wish I had at the restaurant. The rack also stops so you're not gonna drop all these beautiful chicken thighs on the floor. Once the skin is golden brown take the skillet out of the oven. Really let it rest for a few minutes. All the natural juices are gonna mingle with the stone fruit While the chicken's resting, go to the fridge, take out your basil and sheep's milk feta. You can tear the basil in at this point, everything becomes incredibly aromatic. Spoon the chicken thigh out onto a platter, family style nothing too fancy. Spoon all the stone fruit around it and crumple some sheep's milk feta on top. When you're good to go. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Recipe Demo: Crispy Chicken Thighs with Mixed Stone Fruit and Sheeps' Milk Feta