Ray Isle: Napa's Mountain Cabernets

F&W Senior Wine Editor Ray Isle explains how a Napa vineyard's exposure to a mountain environment gives its Cabernets more "spine."

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[MUSIC] Mountain Cabernet are kind of a separate world from Valley Ford Cabernets, they tend to have greater structure, greater depth to them. If you want long aging Cabernet, you look to the mountains, you look to the hillsides. That's not a universal rule there are obviously great Cabernets that come from the plant lands that age for years. If you get up in the Spring Mountain, and I've visited the Marston before One thing that Michael Martin, who owns that vineyard likes to do is take you sort of on a hike. And what you realize is that once you get off the valley floor, this is really rugged terrain it is really rocky, you're clamoring over roots through these precipitous hillsides. You know trees sticking out at angles, rattle snakes.
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Ray Isle: Napa's Mountain Cabernets