Ray Isle: Napa Cabernets Tasting

F&W Senior Wine Editor Ray Isle reviews "young and tough" Napa Cabernets, from Beringer's 2002 Spring Mountain to Schafer's 1999 Hillside Select.

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[MUSIC] These are young, tough Cabernets. This is kind of in a way it's a tough tasting, because These are really young wines and they've got years to go. On the other hand, they are Napa wines and Napa, even in the mountain regions, is kind of lush and has that voluptuousness that comes through underneath. And we're going to Spring Mountain now. Beringer's Marston Vineyard Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. Particularly, 2002 is a very warm year with a lot of lush To it. And you're gonna find that in this wine, and it's interesting because Marston Vineyard tends to produce extremely tannic, tough wines. And I think 2002 did a great balancing act with that toughness. You're tasting some of that in the Spring Mountain, cuz you're tasting a lot of black cherry in Spring Mountain, but this is a very ripe black cherry. This doesn't just go as far as to be kinda cherry jam, or cured cherry preserves. But it definitely shows that ripeness, and I think also typically, in Spring Mountain, in a less sort of warm year than 2002, those [UNKNOWN] would be, we'd perceive them much quicker. They wouldn't come in with a finish so much as come in straight up the middle. I've got this ringer wine here that I threw in
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Ray Isle: Napa Cabernets Tasting