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[MUSIC] I'm Ray Isle I'm the wine editor of Food and Wine Magazine. I'm here at the Austin Food and Wine festival doing a tasting about wine pairing, wine pairing with food and I decided the best thing to do potato chips, salty potato chips, vinegar potato chips, barbecue potato chips, and real quick tip because I only have a couple of minutes. This is a salt and vinegar potato chip. This is a glass of Sauvignon blanc. This is a glass of chardonnay. And the quick tip is basically if you've got any kind of vinaigrette, any kind of sour ingredient, you actually wanna pair it with something equally sour so if you take a sip of the Sauvignon blanc and a bite of potato chip. [MUSIC] That actually works pretty well. If you do the same thing vinegar and a softer less acidic wine like chardonnay, vinegar totally kills the chardonnay. It wipes out the flavor and that's why its sometimes pairing is counter intuitive, you think, salty, salt and vinegar I should go with something that is really soft and not very sour. But in fact what you want is a Sauvignon blanc Tart, crisp, unoaked, zingy white wine. And then I'm moving onto barbecue potato chips, and cheese potato chips, and sea salt potato chips, it's gonna be a lot of fun. [MUSIC]
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Ray Isle