John Legend talks about what he loves about making music. Legend and Colicchio discuss the playlist they selected for the evening.

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Let em shine. I wake up in the morning, I grab a guitar and usually before I go to bed I play but I try to keep it confined to my living room. Let em shine. You love a specific wine and you also have the same passion for the music that your interested in. Shine on, let em shine. All of those things contribute to you having a great night. And I think music has a lot to do with that also. [MUSIC] Well, there are a lot of things I love about making music. One of the first things is the creation of something new. The idea of writing a song, having it start with the seat of an idea, one little bit of music, Developing that into a full song, a full record. That's exciting. [MUSIC] It's so dark, but I see sparks. If we don't snuff em out. [MUSIC] Ultimately the goal is to be able to perform that song in front of a crowd and to have them connect with it, have them love it, have the music The recorded version of the music travel all the around the world, and means something to people, and make a connection with people. [MUSIC] We got to fix this mic stand it keeps falling down. Well it's interesting, because unlike Tom, where he has to go out and shop and do all things and pretty much plan it all in advance. For me I can literally sit down at the piano and decide what I want to sing based on How I'm feeling at that moment. So while I'm in the middle of one song, I'll be thinking about what I wanna do next. You don't have a play list set. You just sit down and decide what you do wanna. Yeah I decide when I sit down. Whenever I'm by myself. When I'm with my band, we're playing the whole set. Yeah, of course. And everybody has a list. But when I play by myself, I usually just decide as I go. Maybe I'll know the first song, maybe the first two when I sit down, and maybe I'll know what the last song is. So will you take requests? Yeah, I take requests. [LAUGH] Cool. So I'm taking requests now, so I'll do a couple requests. Play She Don't Have to Know! [UNKNOWN] Come on, [UNKNOWN] She Don't Have to Know, all right. [APPLAUSE] [LAUGH] As long as they're yours? There's a few songs That I haven't done in a while that I forget the lyrics of and sometimes I turn a request down. I got this great thing on my app on my iPhone, I can get lyrics to anything so if you're stuck you just have to call up the app. Oh, yeah. There we go. [LAUGH] So are you going out, are you touring at this point? No, I'm done. I'm relaxing for a while. Working on a new album. Oh, good. Called Wake Up. I'm doing it with the Roots. That's right, yeah, I heard about that. Yeah. You writing together as well? Well, I'm only writing, I only have one original song on there. And the rest of it's remakes. Oh, okay, cool. Remaking Donny Hathaway, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers. Bill Withers. It's pretty cool. Which one are you doing with Bill Withers? I Can't Write Left-Handed. Uh-huh, sure. Which is like an anti-war song. And I actually chose a Bill Withers on the track. Oh nice I was about to. You use me. Yeah. Yeah. I was about to pick that one too. Oh hey. Yeah that's a good song. And that's a good one. [MUSIC] John and I created a playlist for tonight. He chose about two hours worth of music, and so did I. And mine was kinda going all over the place. My musical tastes kinda run the gamut. Well, this soundtrack that I made for the dinner party tonight, actually, I would definitely play that for my friends for a dinner party. I picked some Ray Charles. I picked some White Stripes. I wanted them all to have a groove to them, you know. Music is probably like the fife. Everybody has strong feelings of, you'll love a specific line or a specific entree. And you also have the same passion for the music that you're interested in. [MUSIC] Everybody knows. [MUSIC] When the whole setting is right, it makes it a wonderful night. And a lot of times, it depends on who you're on a date with. [LAUGH] And then, the atmosphere, the service from the wait staff. And then of course, the food. But all of those things contribute to you having a great night. And I think music has a lot to do with it also. [MUSIC]
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