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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Peter. I've been a travel editor for 20 years and visited more than 40 countries. My proudest moment as a traveler was needing extra pages stitched into my passport. I love cities, and probably because I grew up in Miami, I really love cities with beaches, like Rio, Tel Aviv, and Barcelona. What could be better than hitting the beach during the day and hitting the town after dark? I also love the great outdoors and I often pack my hiking boots when I travel. So my favorite hikes have been in the Atlas Mountains of the Morocco, the jungles of Belize, and right here in the Catskill Mountains of New York. I work a lot on travel and leisure social media efforts and I regularly travel with three devices, so I can stay in constant touch. My friends joke that I haven't really been to a place till I've checked in on Four Square. Or posted and Instagram pic. I'm embarrassed to admit that I sometimes end up spending more on my cell phone bill than on my flight. I live in the West Village of Manhattan, one of the greatest neighborhoods in the world, but also one of the most confusing to navigate. On the weekends I'm always helping lost European tourists figure out where they're going. It's one of the few times that college French still comes in handy. [MUSIC]
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Peter Frank