Perfect Day in Las Vegas

Don't leave your visit to chance—do Las Vegas the T+L way.

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Nilou. And I'm Sarah. Wanna do Las Vegas the tunnel way? Try mixing these high roller spots and and a cup of hidden finds off the strip. Here's how we spend our ultimate day in Vegas Our perfect day starts with an unlikely breakfast a slice of Neapolitan pizza at Settebello Pizzeria in Green Valley. The pizza [UNKNOWN] makes its pies the authentic Italian way with Molino caputo flour for a chewy, slightly sour crust. Just north of Fremont St. the new Neon Museum opens this Fall. Bring your camera. A shot in front of the former Moulin Rouge sign would make for a great profile picture don't you think? I do! That's a good idea! One of the newest hot spots on the Strip is the Cosmopolitan where two of our favorite chefs Jose Andres and Scott Conant have popular restaurants. Love the soaking tubs in the oversized guest rooms, and the [UNKNOWN] in the spa. For the big finale, it has to be dinner at Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand. In true Vegas style, you'll get picked up by a limo, and delivered straight to the private entrance of the 75 seat dining room. 16 courses. This is a dinner you'll never forget. Thanks for watching. Have a blast. [MUSIC]
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Perfect Day in Las Vegas