Penfolds Wine & Food Pairing

Peter Gago and Chef Ed Cotton comment on food and wine pairing while at the Rewards of Patience VI Celebration Lunch in New York.

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[MUSIC] Here in Manhattan we're actually going to put on a tasting with our judging panel from Rewards of Patience edition six. People who've had wines of our going back many decades. It will include the legendary 1962 through 1968 Cabernet Shiraz. It will include wines like bin 7 from 1967 and what it's intended to do is to show people who well these [UNKNOWN] reds age. Pinfold wines, white and red, Go very well with a myriad of different foods. You've gotta think about the menu and think about the flavor profiles. Like an aged piece of meat, you would want something that would be able to cut through the fattiness, the richness characteristic of the meat. The sauce is a, you know, it's a red wine based sauce. Goes perfectly pretty much hand in hand with the wine. Ruby shine [UNKNOWN] Koonunga Hill as well. [UNKNOWN] 389 and 407, a whole collection of Penfold wines. I'm looking forward to it. [MUSIC]
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Penfolds Wine & Food Pairing